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Llŷr 1& 2 are pathfinder projects that will unlock the potential of the Celtic Sea. The Llŷr Projects are being progressed by Floventis Energy Limited – a joint venture between SBM Offshore and Cierco Limited.

Floventis Energy

In 2021 Cierco and SBM Offshore formed the joint venture company Floventis Energy, with the goal of becoming a market leader in offshore floating wind power. The joint venture brings together complementary skills, expertise and know-how required to successfully develop and deliver floating wind projects. Already driving demonstration projects in California and the UK, Floventis is building a portfolio of projects to take floating offshore wind, through a stepwise process, increasing project size to full scale commercial development proposals by 2030.

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Cierco is an independent renewable energy project development company established in 2001 with a simple goal to engage in the field of offshore floating wind power and to drive technologies and projects to reach costs levels competitive with those of conventional power. The Cierco team is comprised of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds but with one thing in common – a drive to change the way we think about the low carbon energy transition.

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SBM Offshore 

SBM Offshore is a global leader in the design, supply, installation, operation, and life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry over the full lifecycle. From today’s oil and gas to tomorrow’s wind and wave, SBM Offshore is the deep water expert. Their vision is to meet society’s demand for safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come by harnessing the energy in and below the world’s oceans. SBM Offshore is listed on the stock exchange of Amsterdam.

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