The Llŷr Project is being developed by Floventis Energy Ltd., a newly established joint venture between SBM Offshore and Cierco Ltd. focusing on the development of floating wind projects.

SBM Offshore 

SBM Offshore is a leader in the design, supply, installation, operation and the life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry over the full lifecycle. Knowing how to harness the energy in and below the world’s waters is what positions SBM Offshore as a company with an important role to play in the global energy development. From today’s oil and gas to tomorrow’s wind and wave, SBM Offshore is uniquely positioned to facilitate the energy transition.

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Cierco Ltd

Cierco Ltd is an independent renewable energy project development company based in Aberdour, Scotland and established in 2001 with the goal to develop floating wind projects from start to finish; identifying the best innovative technologies for site requirements to maximize economic benefits.

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Floventis Energy

Floventis Energy is committed to communicating with and responding quickly to the needs and interests of project stakeholders and the local community. If the information you are seeking is not provided on this website, please drop us an email with your information request.

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