Statement by Floventis, the developer of  Llŷr Offshore Wind Project


Tachwedd 11, 2021

Ystad y Goron yn cadarnhau 4GW o brydlesu cyfleoedd yn y Môr Celtaidd

Heddiw, mae Ystâd y Goron wedi cyhoeddi manylion am ei chynlluniau ar gyfer prydlesu gwynt arnofiol yn y Môr Celtaidd, gan gadarnhau ei uchelgais i ddatgloi hyd at 4GW o gapasiti ynni glân newydd yng Nghymru a Lloegr a helpu i sefydlu sector diwydiannol newydd ar gyfer y DU.

Floventis Energy welcomes the announcement and looks forward to playing a key role in the development of the new capacity, in support of the UK’s net zero target. The Crown Estate’s phased approach towards development in The Celtic Sea, which recognizes the importance of Test and Demonstration Leases, presents the best opportunity to stimulate significant new investment in jobs, skills, and infrastructure in the region and at a wider UK level.

Through this new process, offshore wind development in the Celtic Sea has an opportunity to positively balance the needs of communities onshore and the environment, through a coordinated and planned approach which can also help to incentivize investment in grid infrastructure and ports.

Scott Harper, Director of Floventis and CEO of Cierco Ltd said: “- The announcement today confirms yet another step in the process where sensible decisions and planning will pave the way for organized and effective development. The Celtic Sea zone presents a new opportunity in UK for offshore wind. It is therefore important that these planning steps assure that the pathway for delivery provides not just for achieving environmental targets, but also drives industrial and supply chain opportunities.

Floventis Energy’s development strategy for The Celtic Sea, which includes the two  Llŷr floating wind test and demonstration sites, is very well aligned with these ambitious proposals and we look forward to working with The Crown Estate to ensure that floating wind development in the region is taken forward in a considered and sustainable manner.

About Floventis Energy,

In 2021 Cierco and SBM Offshore formed the joint venture company, Floventis Energy, with the goal of becoming a market leader in offshore floating wind power. The joint venture brings together complementary skills and expertise to produce the know-how required to develop and deliver complex technology projects successfully in the offshore environment. Already driving demonstration projects in California and the UK, Floventis is building a portfolio of projects to take floating offshore wind, through a stepwise process – increasing project size, to full scale commercial development proposals by 2030.

About Llŷr Floating Wind,

The Llŷr development comprises two offshore sites, with a capacity of 100 MW each, south of Pembroke, Wales, UK, in waters of between 60 and 70m deep. The two sites will offer an opportunity to test and demonstrate innovative floating wind technologies at a pre-commercial scale, enabling the build-up of the floating wind supply-chain in steps with aim towards commercial project scale.


Cierco is an independent renewable energy project development company established in 2001 with a simple goal – to engage in the field of offshore floating wind power and to drive technologies and projects to reach cost levels competitive with those of conventional power. The Cierco team has a unique experience base from multiple projects, originating from the very beginning of offshore wind. Cierco is headquartered in Palm Springs, California.

About SBM Offshore,

SBM Offshore is a leader in the design, supply, installation, operation, and life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry over the full lifecycle. Knowing how to harness the energy above, in, and below the world’s oceans is what positions SBM Offshore as a company with an important role to play in the global energy development. SBM Offshore is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Scott Harper


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