Cian is Head of Development in the UK & Ireland for SBM Offshore, where he manages a portfolio of floating wind projects, including the Llŷr Project.  A leading innovator in renewables for 15 years, Cian has been at the forefront of emerging technology and development in the floating wind sector since its inception.   He first began working in renewables in 2008 and quickly moved exclusively to offshore wind.  In 2014 Cian joined the ORE Catapult where he began to focus on foundations and balance of plant.   Very quickly he moved into floating wind, leading the way in developing the technology road map for the UK and publishing the floating wind strategy roadmap which subsequently led to the establishment of the Floating Wind JIP (Joint Industry Project) between government and industry in 2015. Since then he has been working on the delivery of early commercial and commercial scale projects globally from both a floating platform and project development perspective.