Harnessing Welsh Energy

Situated off the Pembrokeshire coast, in southwest Wales, is a flagship project that could transform the world’s ability to generate renewable electricity from wind. The Llŷr projects are exploring the potential of two innovative floating offshore wind technologies.


Combined, the two 100MW projects will generate enough renewable electricity to power around 250,000 homes. If successful, we will be able to offer highly cost-effective, floating offshore wind farms to the rest of the world by 2030.

By unlocking new, higher energy capacities from deeper waters, further offshore, the Llŷr projects have huge implications for UK energy consumers. Not only will they help the UK meet its target for net zero emissions, but they will create new opportunities for regional manufacturing and supply chains in Wales and Southwest England as global demand for floating, offshore, wind rises.


Llyr location map



The Llŷr projects are located in the approaches to the Bristol Channel in the Celtic Sea approximately 40 kilometres offshore at depths averaging 60-70 metres.

These offshore sites enjoy high average windspeeds which are, typically, in excess of 10 metres per second. Each 100MW project will comprise 6 to 8 next-generation turbines which are too large to be deployed on land. The combined output of the projects is expected to  provide power for approximately 250,000 homes annually – approximately twice as much power as an onshore wind farm of the same size could expect to generate.



This timeline represents our best estimate of how the project will move forward, subject to receiving the appropriate leases and permits from the relevant authorities.

If consent applications for development are successful, construction of the floating platforms and infrastructure is anticipated to commence in 2024, with installation commencing in 2025/26.

March 2020

Marine ecology aerial survey commences

July 2021

Crown Estate announces intention to grant lease subject to HRA

April 2022

Submission of Scoping Report to Natural Resources Wales

July 2022

Receival of Scoping Opinion

November 2022

Public Consultation Event 1

October 2022

Offshore Surveys


Onshore Surveys

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