Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Following engagement with stakeholders to date, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to cover the most common queries that have raised in relation to our plans to develop a floating offshore wind farm in the Celtic Sea.    As we continue to develop the project and our plans evolve, we will update this list of FAQs as new questions arise.

Who are Floventis Energy?

SBM is a leading global offshore energy business with a 60 year track record in offshore innovation. As a joint venture with project development company Cierco Energy, we are Floventis. With a portfolio of projects in the UK and USA, Floventis is at the forefront of the global transition to large scale green power generation from floating offshore wind.

What is floating offshore wind?

Why do we need floating wind?

Why have you chosen this site?

How far are the sites from land?

How many homes will you power?

Where will you connect to the grid?

Where will you bring the cables onshore?

Who are your technology partners?

How long is the operational life of the project?

How are you planning to decommission the projects?

How will the project benefit the local economy and local communities?

What organisations are you working with to support your skills and training ambitions?

What is your Education and Outreach Programme?

How will the project impact the natural environment?

What consideration has been given to the visual impact of the proposals?

What is Floventis doing to engage with fishing vessel operators?

Is the project part of the Celtic Sea leasing round currently being run by The Crown Estate?

When will the project be approved?

How can I receive regular updates on the project’s progress and/or sign up for supply chain opportunities?