Our Engagement

Our approach to consultation and project development is based on effective engagement.  Our aim is to engage with any organisation or individual with an interest in the project.

It is our goal to meet and exceed planning regulations with commitment to:-

  • Early, ongoing and widespread engagement
  • Involving local stakeholders and communities in project development and a dialogue about our energy futures, environmental impact, designs and the community
  • Using diverse methods for diverse communities
  • Being responsive to stakeholders’ concerns as well as local needs and aspirations
  • We will use a range of communication methods to keep our stakeholders informed, including public and virtual exhibitions, newsletters, this dedicated website, workshops, media engagement, visits and presentations to schools and local community groups and local community events.

As the project progresses, we will update this page with further information on how you can find out more about our projects and provide opportunities for organisations and individuals to ask questions and provide feedback on our proposals.

Public Awareness Days July 2023

We will be holding Public Awareness Events across the region during July 2023 allowing interested parties to find out more about our proposals and the work that we have carried out in the region to date.   For more information click here.

Please visit www.llyrwind.com/liveinformation/events to find out more about our programme of events.