Ymateb i AR5

Tess Blazey, Director of Policy and External Relations for Floventis Energy, the developers of Llŷr 1&2 in the Celtic Sea, said: “Government has made it clear that floating offshore wind is central to their ambitions to decarbonise the UK’s electricity supply. That means that test and demonstration sites like Llŷr 1&2 need support now because they are the launch pad for this new industry and without them it simply won’t happen. Although we didn’t enter this auction, the outcome is obviously very disappointing for the offshore wind industry.

“As a country, we need a Contracts for Difference (CfD) framework that is fit for the future if we are going to achieve energy security, affordability and decarbonisation set out in UK Government’s own strategy Powering Up Britain. Today’s news about AR5 will deter investment into the UK economy at a crucial time. We therefore urge UK government to implement a CfD framework that delivers value and supports ongoing industry efforts to establish a robust UK supply chain for offshore wind and renewables before the opportunity is lost.”